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How many times have you planned on using your deck or patio -- only to see the showers start?

It's amazing just how much a cover over your deck or patio extends your enjoyment of the seasons. You can barbecue on even the wettest day!

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With a patio cover from Laan Renovations, you can ignore the rain and continue with your plans. We offer many choices and styles to complement your home, and give you light or shade -- whatever you require. A patio cover provides elegant protection from blazing sun and light rains, so you can enjoy your patio all day. Relax under a Laan patio cover and enjoy the gentle breezes on a hot summer day or dine outside without fear of a summer shower spoiling the mood. 

A Laan patio cover can also double as a fantastic carport, protecting vehicles from harsh weather.


Glass Roof Patio Covers

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Laan Renovation's glass roof patio covers let the maximum amount of light into your outdoor space while keeping the rain out. Aesthetically pleasing and suited to most applications, glass roof covers can be completely custom made, just for your home!



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  • tinted or clear glass

  • gabled (centre peak) or sloped

  • many different gutter styles to choose from

  • we can use your existing wood posts and beams, or our aluminum beams

  • wrap around, curved or straight designs

  • small porch covers or large deck covers


Acrylic Roof Patio Covers

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Laan's acrylic roof patio covers are available in clear, bronze, or white 5/8" impact modified acrylic. These roofs are sturdy and can be used on our standard posts or your custom posts and beams, and with a number of our stylish gutter options.

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Acrylic is often used in place of glass when a more economical option is needed. We can completely customize your patio cover to match your home and your desires!


Insulated Roof Patio Covers

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Often called "Insul-Roof", this option is the best choice when maximum sun protection is desired. Insulated roofs can be used with skylights to let a little sun through while still maintaining a good level of comfort. 

W Pan Roof Patio Covers

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Laan Renovations offers the strongest W Pan patio cover available! That's a bold statement and we're proud to be able to say that! 
Custom made for your home AND your snowload requirements, you can rest assured that your patio cover will stand up to whatever the seasons throw at it!

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With a number of gutter styles, skylights, posts & beam options, we'll be able to create a patio cover that works for you. 
Be sure to ask about the Econo Gutter Canopy Kit - standard kits that are a more economical option!




With glass, acrylic, insulated and W-Pan roof options, we're sure to have what you're looking for. Our patio covers are custom made for you. We'll provide a cover to fit your deck, specifying the exact posts, beams and roof materials to meet the snow and wind loads in western Canada.

Laan Renovations would be pleased to recommend
the best configuration for your home. 

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