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...enjoying your morning coffee in your new sunroom...or hosting a garden party among your tropical plants. Get the feeling of being at one with nature, no matter the weather, and find the peace and comfort that your backyard brings...all year long!

Laan Renovations will design and create a sunroom to fit any space.
We'll talk with you about your ideas, and then create a beautiful, valuable addition to your home.
Our sunrooms are designed and constructed to bring you years of enjoyment, with very little maintenance. 

Authentic 4 Season Sunrooms

Sunrooms are great in the winter too! The sun can warm a room quickly and provide an open, airy, comfortable living space even in the winter. Laan Renovations offers one of the only "true 4 season" sunrooms in western Canada, with high efficiency triple glazed, Low-E glass units and vinyl frames for a warm interior and low maintenance. 

Benefits of a Sunroom

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  • Add space and natural light with a sunroom! Fill your home with natural light and add the space you've always wanted with one easy addition. A Laan Sunroom brings your home to life!

  • Enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature, inside your home all year long...without inclement weather, insects, or other intrusions.

  • Improve your quality of life. Create a space where family and friends will gather, Everyday! Your new sunroom will become the most popular room in your home.

  • Easy Construction...unlike typical construction additions, a sunroom can be built quicker with less disruption to your life and home. Your glass room addition can be ready in as little as a few weeks...not months!

  • It's a room for every season...whether you need a cozy family room, pool enclosure, bird observatory, or just a quiet space to read. A Laan Sunroom will enhance your life and your home!

Some available features...

  • Energy efficient glass options

  • Extruded aluminum frames with standard and custom colours available

  • Clear, bronze, or opaque white acrylic skylights

  • Side walls with opening windows that are fully screened

  • Additional vents can be provided, or ceiling and side exhaust fans added

  • Window glass with ultraviolet or heat transmission protection

Ask us about the many other options available with a Laan Sunroom.


Gabled (peaked roof ) Sunrooms

Gabled Sunroom
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Gable rooms are spacious; the roofline can often be matched to the roofline of your home. They can be installed with walls that meet our climate and exposure, and if preferred, can even be painted to match your trim. 

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A "Gable" roofline provides all kinds of architectural options to meet your design needs. We even do split gables, which can add dramtic flair to your new room. Whether it's roofing material to match your exisitng home, or a solarium with solar control Low-E thermal glass units, Laan Renovations can provide a comfortable and efficient addition to your home. 



Conservatory Sunrooms

Conservatory Sunroom
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Discover the benefits of adding to your living space with a conservatory!
Relax in your new craft room, enjoy your plants, a playroom for the children, or just get away for some personal time.
A conservatory by Laan Renovations comes in a variety of sizes and timeless, elegant styles, all with one objective in mind...the comfort and enjoyment for you and your family!

A Victorian garden retreat is an ideal place to detach yourself from the stress of everyday life

  • grow plants

  • create a spa like retreat

  • enjoy the warmth on a winter's day

  • escape to your own reading room

  • connect with nature in a quiet work space

Conservatory Sunroom
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Laan Renovations can provide a room to meet most situations and preferences...and we offer the best in environmental control for greater use and comfort.

We offer a variety of walls (single pane, double pane, or theramally broken double pane, and even triple pane) with additional glass options such as Low E or UV protection, and custom coloured aluminum frame extrusions. Roof options are plentiful too! We'd be pleased to offer suggestions and ideas, keeping in mind your preferences and budget considerations.



Low Sloping Sunrooms

Low Sloping Sunroom
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Sometimes called a shed or lean-to style, the concept of the Low Sloping sunroom easily provides the most economical way to enjoy conservatory living - just a step away from your main living area.

Imagine stepping outside your kitchen, family room, bedroom or living room...into a spacious and light filled room to enjoy early morning coffee or late night star gazing!



Laan Renovations can provide a style and colour to complement your home. We offer a variety of roof and wall materials to look after most climate conditions.
Just ask us for details. 

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